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Welcome to Beach N Buggy's

The beach is America's playground, although not everyone can enjoy the beach. Wheelchair users, or those with difficulty walking, have had to sit by and watch the rest of their family enjoying a day in the sun. Beach'N Buggy's has leveled the playing-field; it allows everyone to get out on the sand and get a little sunshine in their lives.

Hammer Head

The hammerhead is our sportier model and is definitely not your normal wheelchair. This model places the rider much closer to the ground. The rider's legs are positioned straight in front and places the rider in a lounge position for additional comfort. The Hammerhead measures 40 inches wide by 40 inches long with the detachable foot rest removed.

Sand Crab

The Sand Crab is our four-wheeled design and provides maximum stability at 40 inches wide. This places the rider in a more sitting and upright position. The seat does recline to allow for some sun tanning. Transferring into and out of this design is a bit easier. We have also added a storage rack under the seat.

The Lobster

The Lobster is our narrowest model at just 34 inches wide. This model was developed after receiving many requests for a chair that allows additional access to areas that the Sand Crab and Hammerhead can't go due to width. The Lobster is still very stable but is longer than our other designs to allow for the clearance of the front wheels while turning. We have also incorporated a very generous foot rest allowing for different foot positions. You can sit normally, or really stretch out your feet. The length on this model is 54 inches and width is 34 inches.
We only use original
tires on all our Buggys


Living at the beach and being able to enjoy the whole beach independently has changed my life. I am no longer confined to the pavement and I have been able to experience a whole new world, on the other side of the dunes. My Hammer Head is not only functional, with all the features needed for a full day at the beach, but it is stylish too. I have the coolest chair on the beach! Thanks Beach N Buggy's for changing my life and giving me back my independence.

My son David was born with Spina Bifida resulting in paralysis of his lower extremities. In prior visits to Gulf Shores we rented the hard to maneuver manual beach wheelchairs. I knew there had to be an easier way for my son to enjoy the freedom of mobility on the beach. Thanks to Chance and Beach N Buggy's there was. On this trip, David strolled the beaches with his grandmother and looked for seashells and out into the gulf with family members. We’ll be back to Gulf Shores and will definitely give Beach N Buggy's a call. Cureau Family Houston, TX. A special thanks for the great service.